Learning Swift

Maxim Krylov
2 min readJul 11, 2020


Hi, everybody! You know, this is the first time when I’m writing an article somewhere. But it is not an article at all. It is something I’m just writing

My name is Maxim, and I love software development. Currently, I’m learning Swift and iOS. Listening to Swift by Sundell podcasts gave me an interesting thought: “If you want to learn something, just write an article about it” Not sure that they said it precisely that way, but it was how I got it

One more interesting thought is: “If you want to understand something, just teach the computer doing this”

Do you know what a bicycle looks like? Try to paint it without any picture or looking at a real one. Some people believe that they can easily do this, but when painting, they have troubles

Or do you know how Message Dispatch works in Swift? Step by Step. From Compilation to Runtime. Say it out loud. Have you managed this?

Summarizing these thoughts, I would say that if you want to learn something, find a way to check yourself after. Say it to your reflection in the mirror or to your best friend, paint it on A4, or, maybe, write an article!

When writing these articles, I’m not having a goal of making them beautiful or easy to read for everyone. They are no more than just my notes that contain aggregated and compressed pieces of knowledge. No expressive introductions. No smooth transitions between thoughts. Something comes from Apple docs or other people’s articles. Something comes from people who I spoke with

Well, that is all I have to say before placing the list of my writings

The List